Sunday, October 13, 2019

Australia sweet season fruit

When countries around the world are bustling to welcome the beautiful spring, Australia has chosen for itself a peaceful space in the autumn weather.

In order to help visitors clearly feel the very strange time of the season with sweet and fragrant flowers, many romantic scenes to ecstatic people, Vietravel organizes a new journey to explore New Zealand - Australia (Auckland - Hamilton - Te Puke - Rotorua - Matamata - Sydney - Melbourne) (10 days). This is an opportunity for you to understand more about a New Zealand which is always full of colorful and a peaceful Australia with many peaceful scenery.

New Zealand is full of vibrant colors
Stop in the town of Te Puke will open for visitors to explore an extremely interesting. Take the funny name "hill" - Te Puke is now a fertile peaceful land, where many kinds of fruit trees, especially kiwi, are planted. Visiting the kiwi garden will be an opportunity for visitors to understand this plant, as well as how to cultivate and care for them. In particular, the Kiwi Kart ride experience will give you a close look at the stages from harvesting, processing, packaging and export of kiwi. What could be more wonderful than being able to pick ripe kiwifruit by hand, enjoy and feel every bit of sourness at the tip of the tongue and then the sweet taste is gradually spreading. The "kiwi capital of the world" welcomes visitors in such a lovely and lovely way, with the most rustic and genuine. 

Besides kiwi, New Zealand is also world famous for the geothermal tourist area of ​​Waiotapu. Located on the edge of the volcano, Waiotapu has beautiful hot springs. With the accumulated impacts from the volcanic minerals, Champagne has been formed all year round wearing many colorful full-color wings. A fresh green, a charming orange, a lovely gold, along with the bubbles of CO2, all enhance the unique beauty of this unique "Champagne glass". The journey continues to take visitors to Matamata to visit the cutest little Hobbiton village in the world. Built to set the scene for the famous movie Lord of the Rings (Lord of the Rings), but this studio has been maintained and used for tourism. Here,

Experience the fall of Australia
Coming to Australia this season cannot help but visit Bacchus Marsh and Sunny Ridge orchards. Step into the garden, you will be fascinated by bunches of strawberries, red cherry are lying on the tree as inviting people to enjoy. Strawberries and cherries here are carefully cultivated and looked after under hardworking farmers' hands. Walking in the vast garden filled with trees, or sitting by a small chair sipping a cup of aromatic apple cider is a way to fully enjoy the purest, simplest and most peaceful of nature. Earth and sky.

The highlight of the journey is to go to the Hunter valley (Hunter valley) to join the wine making experience. Hunter Valley in New South Wales is famous for being Australia's oldest grape growing area. Here, visitors will play the role of residents to experience the "pedaling" program - a method of making traditional wine from ancient times. Affordable normal wines are usually made from grapes bunched by machine. Also want to produce high-class wines, smooth taste, not bitter, not harsh, grape juice must not contain too much tannin; Therefore, people here have to use the method to kick grapes with their feet. Because the feet are soft, not as rough as a press machine, tannins dissolve in grape juice relatively less. This is why premium wines are still being made in this way. Later,

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