Monday, October 14, 2019

Spanish vitality

Madrid is a city with an ideal atmosphere for work and a rich cultural life, wherever you visit you can hear the guitar with flamenco charm and heart. pounding the pounding heel.

The capital of Madrid, the pride of Spain, was chosen as the capital by King Philip II in 1561 simply because it was located in the middle of the country. At the heart of the nation, Madrid is more vibrant and youthful than the quiet appearance. People often call Madrid one of the funniest and noisy cities in the world. And the Madrid are friends everywhere called "cats" - cats love to play the night, until the new morning to be curious to go home.

Referring to the city of Madrid, the first and simplest thing people often think of is football - with the illustrious royal team Real Madrid. In Spain, from October to May every year is the time of the National Football Championship and May is also the bullfighting season. If you're lucky, you can also earn yourself a ticket to the Bernabeu Stadium to admire the best players of the Royal Real Madrid team playing ...  

Madrid people like sports, especially football - football is the king. Across Spain, there are football fields and teams everywhere. In particular, their Royal Spanish team is the best. The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium with nearly 100,000 seats is always packed every time the team "White Vultures" play their pet. The Bernabeu is modern, civilized, beautiful, and majestic as a synagogue. Tickets to visit the Bernabeu Stadium cost 10 Euro, in return you can live the full history of the more than 100 years of the Spanish Spanish football team.

The Spanish capital Madrid is also famous for its beautiful 17th-century classical works such as Europe's largest royal palace, 15th-century Sun Gate and the Prado National Museum of Art. The large Spanish square is located in the middle of the city center where the memorial writer and poet Miguel De Cervantes is famous for Don Quixote. 

A part of Madrid's life is centered around squares and parks. In the heart of Madrid, the green Retiro park with tree-lined streets, monuments, fountains, art galleries, vast artificial lakes, rose gardens, tea shops, restaurants ... here one can relax, read books and lovers whisper together. Adults walk, children play sports, cycling. They all admire the poetic and romantic atmosphere.

Spain is famous in the world for its hot, seductive Flamenco dance. Visitors to Spain can enjoy this dance anywhere in this country. From the luxurious restaurants, to the dancers on the street can immerse themselves in this signature dance. In the loud guitar, beautiful Spanish girls dedicate to guests the dances that are very warm and fiery.
Party the flickering fire, admire the Flamenco dance and enjoy typical Spanish dishes. The food is quite delicious, very spicy. Guests can sip a little bit of Sangria (typical Spanish wine with very high alcohol content, soak fresh fruits such as strawberry, orange, peach, apricot ...) or Pacharan wine made from prickly plums.

The beauty of Madrid is not equal to the number, the unique feature of Madrid lies right in the sidewalks of the streets. To explore Madrid, you can walk around the city like the locals do, you will find a Marid for yourself.

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