Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Phu Quoc - Peace Island

As the largest island district in Vietnam, with an area equivalent to Singapore, Phu Quoc possesses a wild beauty that is as brilliant as a virgin virgin girl, hiding springiness in blue hair.

Watch the sunset at Dinh Cau
I came to Phu Quoc on an April day to escape the harsh, harsh sunlight of Saigon. More than all praises, after coming back, I intended to move here to live and work because of the cool climate, the best and cheapest seafood, the magnificent nature, the gentle people, the legs Phuong.

Arriving in Phu Quoc more than 1 pm, after lunch, check-in the hotel, rest for strength, we rent a motorbike to start the journey to discover Dinh Cau. It is both a historical site, a sacred place of worship of the people of the sea, and an ideal place to watch the sunset. Sitting on a high cliff, I shot my eyes towards the sea, resting my head on my friend, surrounded by frankincense mixed with the smell of the breeze of the sea, leisurely watching the giant pan of orange-orange fire slowly sink to the sea floor . A very peaceful, relaxed feeling.
 In the afternoon, indigenous people also come here to enjoy the breeze, eat and swim. A special thing in Phu Quoc is when visiting by motorbike, you just build the car in any convenient place and then come back to get it, no parking. There is no car stealing here, in the old days when I slept there was no need to lock the door. 

After watching the sunset, I stopped at the night market for dinner. The seafood here is completely fresh, seems bigger than the mainland, in glass tanks for diners to choose. The menu is rich, varied and the taste is delicious and strange. The market also sells souvenirs made of shells, pearls, handicrafts or specialty pepper, fish sauce, dried ...

Discover the most beautiful and pristine beach in the world
Having a quick breakfast at the hotel, we turned the map, up to the North Island to explore Long beach. Going on the road doesn't seem very favorable because of the rain. While we are sad, the people here are very happy because they said the dry season lasts too long, the island is short of water for living and pepper cultivation. 1 hour later, the rain stopped completely. The road through the forest is only full of red soil and sand.

We went to Ganh Dau for lunch and sightseeing. Bien Hai Quan, a small shop along the road, but surprisingly delicious and cheap, especially grilled greasy onion, scallop grilled scallops, onion herring ... The tiredness disappeared, we lay in the middle of the cool sea breeze, taking a good nap.

Down the road, I stopped at Dai beach - voted by Concierge.com as the leader in 13 most beautiful and pristine beaches in the world in 2008. Ivory white sand, alternating with rocky beaches and blue poplar rows. The beach is smooth, soft, crescent-shaped, wild and deep blue. The beautiful natural scenery makes visitors stunned.

Splendid south island
If Long beach is wild like a digan girl, then Khem beach and Sao beach are gorgeous and beautiful. The water is so clear from the bottom that you can clearly see each oyster, snail or fish fry playing. The jasmine beach is like an artificial pool, the turquoise blue flat surface is rolling, the coconut trees curving themselves on the smooth sand. The scenery is picturesque and people are mesmerized as if they are lost in paradise.

In the evening at the island, we went to Rory's Beach Bar located deep in a small alley on Tran Hung Dao Street, close to the beach. The owner, who is Australian, heard that because he loves Phu Quoc so much, he decided to stay here to live. Most of the guests in the bar are foreigners, they drink beer, talk in the music, whisper waves, gather around the bonfire. Good food, cold beer, lively atmosphere, nothing more perfect for an evening on the island.

For me, Phu Quoc is peaceful enough, vibrant enough for visitors to enjoy. This is an ideal destination for those who want to flee from the streets, find the wild nature and then endure forever.

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