Sunday, October 13, 2019

Pristine Japan with the Sapporo Snow White Festival

As the warm spring is approaching with Asian countries, the beautiful island of Hokkaido is immersed in the snowy days of Japan. With a pristine picture with so many exquisite scenes, Vietravel has become the first travel company to take Sapporo Snow Festival on the journey of discovery: “Narita - Sapporo - Noboribetsu - Otaru - Tokyo - Mountains Fuji "closer to Vietnamese tourists. Traveling to Japan at this time, visitors will not be able to miss a bustling Sapporo snow festival season, a warm Noboribetsu with a paradise of Onsen and a very romantic city of Otaru with old music. stir people.

Sapporo - Bustling festival season
First held in February 1950 at Odori Park, "Sapporo Snow Festival" is considered the largest snow festival in Japan, attracting millions of visitors around the world to visit. What makes it special here? It can be said that the beautiful works made entirely from snow and ice are the main characters of the Sapporo festival. At the hands of talented artisans, inanimate ice cubes are blown into a little soul, a little color and quickly become great works or famous celebrities in the world, from images. Magnificent luxury to the things extremely close and familiar. Whether it's a small flower or a huge castle, it is all very perfect and meticulous, elaborate in every detail. The main thing that highlights the beauty of these works, making many visitors admire. Perhaps the most beautiful festival in Sapporo when the lights up at night, throw a little warm light against the snowy white background, all creating a shimmering, colorful scenery. And even more wonderful in the cold air, with a few more snowflakes, visitors hold warm chocolates, slowly enjoying, from admiring the glow of the Sapporo festival.

Noboribetsu - Warm Onsen heaven
After feeling the cold of the Sapporo festival, the journey continues to take visitors to the hot springs in Noboribetsu, which always contains warmth and many mysterious attractions. Originating from the Jigokudani valley, the mouth of the mountain always exudes heat all year round, providing the onsen here about 3000 liters of hot water per minute, so the onsen system in Noboribetsu is very rich and developed with many types. Unique interesting pictures. Not stopping there, after recharging, visitors will continue to make a trip to the past at Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura theme park. Tourists seem to be living in Japan during the Edo period, interacting with the Ninja and Samuarai, watching fascinating plays performed on the outdoor stage. All will create excitement for all visitors about the very clever and sophisticated historical restoration,

Otaru - romance in old music
Otaru city welcomes visitors with all lightness and tranquility. Not bustling, busy practice, Otaru has its own beautiful and simple scenes that make many tourists watch silently. First, it is impossible not to mention the colorful crystal museum. The works here from simple to elaborate are all exquisitely crafted and always carry a gentle, gentle tone like the people in Otaru themselves. The glass crystal works are beautiful but fragile and fragile, a human value from which was born: The beauty to preserve must cherish and respect. Not stopping there, visiting the Otaru Orgel Doh Music Box music museum, visitors will feel like stepping into an ancient world filled with thousands of mysterious boxes waiting to be discovered. The museum is home to 3400 music boxes from around the world. There are the oldest boxes with soft melodious music, and there is also a sophisticated modern box with crisp and playful sounds. All together create elegant melodious music, crept into the human soul. Being able to enjoy the sweet melodies and strolling on the brightly lit Otaru Canal at night, will be the most romantic thing Otaru offers to every tourist, to remind everyone to remember an old city The most beautiful glasses in Japan - Otaru City.

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