Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Come on, let's go strawberry picking "U-pick"

Movements such as eat local, know your food, know how to come back to the nature, and the countryside make U Pick farm famous.

Since last month, the supermarket has been selling strawberries grown in California or Mexico, according to the label on the box. These boxes of strawberries contain big, dark red berries, which I find very craving to buy, but I don't feel good eating them. Partly because the straws were washed thoroughly, the bruises were slightly bruised, partly because the strawberries shipped from afar were stored in cold storage for many days, so the taste was not satisfactory.

Must eat strawberry "ripe tree" just picked in the field to enjoy its true taste. So, "U-pick", you go to the strawberry farm, pick it yourself and weigh it to pay. Today was sunny ... went to pick strawberries!

U-Pick Farm, a new rural area in Florida, USA invites visitors to the garden to choose for themselves fresh fruits, fresh green vegetable bushes without medicine or any kind fertilizers, any growth stimulant. Going to pick strawberries with friends is very fun, just like you, just picking and eating, choosing the right size just beautiful and ripe to pick. Just picking and playing, so much fun.

Now picking strawberries with her husband, the husband just goes to the right piece of straw that the farm man points to, and plucks all the ripe mulberry in that bed, regardless of whether the strawberry is scented or ripe, regardless of its size. or the fruit is small and dumb. One shot is full of a bucket, and then declared that was enough. He told me which straw beds I picked, the farm would let it "rest" until another batch of strawberries was ripe for others to pick up, if I picked up the rotten strawberries and spread the disease to the beds. 

I came to U Pick garden because I accidentally met an older sister when I was shopping in the mall. Looking at her groomed, high-heeled shoes, and lipstick, I got acquainted and asked her: “In the summer, there is a U-pick strawberry picking animal. June picking strawberries, July raspberries, August blueberries ... ”She said she worked as a pick-and-greet worker five or six days a week, and nowadays Sunday only goes to church and shopping. She told me that the strawberries on the G farm were sweeter than the strawberries on the side B. My husband told me that the place was a bit far, driving for about an hour, another hour of picking strawberries, plus the cost of gasoline and time. out, the price is several times higher than the price outside the supermarket. But he had a more plausible reason to drive his wife a few dozen kilometers to pick five kilos of strawberries, which was to support the local farmer. 

These small farms rely on visitors to pick and sell farm produce. Thanks to movements such as eating local (eat local), knowing the origin of their food (know your food), returning to nature, the countryside ... that farms near the city have more services to welcome visitors. Visiting, exploring and taking part in farm work. 

Remember, ten years ago, these services were still "country house": in the middle of the strawberry field, there was only a temporary bar to pay and a temporary toilet. Gradually, people expanded the bar counter, built more solidly, sold more agricultural products. Many people just want to go to strawberry picking, then ready to see melon to buy melon, see corn stab craving corn, see pots hanging colorful flowers like the eyes too buy always. Child visitors make up a large proportion of current visitors, as they are absent in the summer. If there are children, there must be room for them to play.

Many families see it as a picnic, getting ready for meat, visiting the farm to pick more fresh fruits and vegetables, and then going to find parks, camping places. Why not "play" always on the farm? So, the farmer "planned" the property: where the guests parked, the strawberry garden had to be nearby to get out of the car so they could step into the garden to pick. The place where the children play and the family eats the picnic a bit far away, with beautiful views, such as river banks, lakes, big trees, pre-set outdoor grills.

Then, due to the needs of the guests or the initiative of the owner, the farm sells chicken eggs, chicken, pork, ready-made beef, ground meat ... including butter, home-made cheese, cakes made by the farm owner. freshly baked (to eat with freshly picked strawberries is delicious!) So on a nice weekend, the couple just got in the car to drive a rickshaw to the farm, then go to the garden to pick fruits or vegetables or go to the counter buy ready-to-eat, fresh or processed, everything (including spices), then serve on the spot, in a country setting.

In the afternoon, the car runs on the "village roads" through the fields where the green rows of mulberry trees are straight, the vast meadow with black herds (Black Angus specialty) wandering back and forth, the wilderness. vu with barn standing idly by no cattle, roadside plug plaque to sell land. I said I have money to buy this land to grow mulberry and goats. The husband calmly drove the car: it's not easy, bro!

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