Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Pyongyang - You may not know it

North Korea is often considered a "blind spot" of the world. Many visitors are curious to find out the true life inside this "impenetrable" fortress. However, self-sufficient travel to North Korea is impossible, and you only have to rely on the help of travel agencies.

1. People like to sing and drink beer
Most North Koreans have the ability to sing. If you politely ask, people may sing it to you immediately. Pop music is very popular here. The most popular group is The Beatles with songs like "Hey Jude" or "Yellow Submarine" ... Celine Dion or Carpenters music is also very popular. Most bars have karaoke for guests. North Koreans love beer and they have a very developed beer culture. Taedonggang beer is the most famous local beer.

2. Guests can bring mobile
Locals' mobile phones can function with all the functions of a phone, except for using the internet. Visitors no longer have to leave their mobile phones behind. From January 2013, you can bring a phone that buys a local SIM card from the airport. This SIM card allows you to make and receive international calls or to other travelers while in Pyongyang. You cannot call locals because they use another network.

3. The subway system is very deep underground
The subway station in Pyongyang is said to be the deepest in the world. It is 100 meters above the ground and it takes a few minutes to take the elevator from the ground to the station. The distance is quite long, so that some passengers have to sit while taking the elevator even though it is warned by signs not recommended.

There is no advertisement on the way to the station, the wall is completely white. (There are only five billboards in Pyongyang, all purchased by the same car dealership.)
The metro system has two lanes and 17 stations. Inspired by the Moscow train station in Russia, many stations are decorated with orchids and frescoes.

4. The tallest non-human building in the world
The Ryugyong Hotel is a symbol of Pyongyang, but unfortunately it was abandoned. The building represents a decade of loose and impractical management. Built in 1987 to prepare for a festival, the building was quickly forgotten because of many construction errors and funding problems.

Construction was started again in 2008 when an Egyptian media company named Orasom. The company paid VND 180 million to complete the building's surface glass. Although there are many rumors in the tourism world that the building will officially operate in the summer of 2013, it seems that Ryugyong hotel 330 meters high of Pyongyang will still hold the record of the tallest whole house in the world. , at least for a while longer.

5. "Fever" with Kimchi dish
Kimchi is a traditional Korean food, and it is said that every woman makes a different kimchi. This dish takes a long time to make. According to the traditional formula, women have to mix chili powder into cabbage for hours. Simon Cockerell, an expert in travel services in North Korea, said: "There is an old saying that a man must taste a girl's kimchi before he wants to marry her."

6. Button fasteners and high heels
Every North Koreaner wears a button called a "Kim button" on his right chest. The button has an image of leader Kim Il Sung or Kim Jong Il - or both. Surprisingly, everyone carries them, from children to the elderly. These buttons are not sold but are distributed on holidays or anniversaries for free. In each distribution, "buttons Kim" will have many different designs.

It is said that North Koreans will be punished for giving "Kim buttons" to foreigners, but that's just a rumor. In fact, sometimes they still give them to visitors. In addition, North Korean women love high heels and always wear them regardless of day or night, when working, going to the market or even in the army. Many even see women wearing high heels working at a construction site.

7. Arirang Festival
Ariang is an arts and sports festival held at the Rungnado May Day Stadium in Pyongyang. The festival begins in early August and ends on September 10. During the opening of the event, 30,000 well-trained children will hold up different colored panels to create colorful signs. Stunning painting on stadium background. Besides, there are complex and very skillful dances performed by 10 thousand dancers and gymnastics athletes.

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