Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Green Peafowl Binh Hung

Binh Hung makes the traveling hearts melt at first sight towards the pure white sand, the emerald waters shining with the sunlight. There, the sky and the sea of ​​travelers made their souls soar, soaring amidst the amazingly clear nature.

After many missed appointments, my friend and I determined to carry our backpack straight to Binh Hung. From Ho Chi Minh City, we took a high-quality car to Cam Ranh and then took a taxi to Kinh station to go to Binh Hung island. The canoe swam soaring on the water, only about 10 minutes later, they all set foot on the island with "A" eyes and the mouth of the "O" when standing in front of the smooth white sand like the road and clear water.

Very drowned, wanted to jump into the shower but had to "hold back" and carry the luggage to the people 's house. Picking us up in a nice house with a beautiful view to the sea is a gentle landlord who is over 50. The room is neat and neat, equipped with enough cabinets, fans, only 300 thousand is too much. Ideal for a delicious - complementary - cheap trip.

Done somewhere, the two of them ran into the sea. At the beginning of summer, the soft golden sunshine spreads on the surface of a blue-green water, making Binh Hung as beautiful as a jewel in the ocean. The rocks accidentally or intentionally arranged on the shore with many different color shapes look like a giant rockery beautiful not inferior anywhere.

The sea here is just so gentle that wading out a few dozen meters, the new height of the chest. It is hard to describe the feeling of bursting when we are waving the area in clear water, printing footprints on the white sand. Occasionally, a few small groups of fish swimming and colorful coral clusters near the shore made me extremely excited.

No noise, no towing, no waste, all we do is lie down on the sand to rest after taking a cool bath, eyes closed slightly relaxed to catch the cool breeze from afar. Paradise is here, right at this moment in the middle of a pristine Binh Hung ...

Having finished swimming, both of them began to tour around the island with lots of eagerness. Getting on a boat to visit a fisherman's rafts house is another emotional journey. During the cruise, through the clear glass at the bottom of the ship, I could clearly see a cluster of corals of all shapes and colors radiant under the blue sea. The scenery is as beautiful and gorgeous as a movie on television.

The ship docked at Truong Sa wharf - one of the prestigious tourist houses on the island. Here, besides raising shrimp, fish ... also serves fresh seafood just caught for visitors. We were enthusiastically introduced by the owner to the aquaculture process and personally fed the fish very interestingly. The sun was already on the top of the head, but there was no harsh feeling because of the cool breeze blowing from all sides.

We "party" seafood with a "bewildered" mood because we do not know how to choose between a "forest" of fresh specialties that are quite soft. The scent from grilled lobster, fish probe, grilled fresh squid satay, grilled fish with salt and chili, abalone, pineapple grilled onion ... steamed up to make ngut scratches the stomach. Then the types of her snail, cotton snail, garlic snail, snail snail, thorn snail, snail moon ... whether steamed, grilled or fried are irresistible. Each one enjoyed a little, so that in a moment both of them were full of drunk though still craving and regret ...

Around me, each family group, friends just eating and chatting happily between the four waves of cool water, blue sea waves so comfortable and joyful. Dare to you, this feeling is even more wonderful than sitting in the middle of a luxurious, expensive 5-star restaurant!

When satisfied with the specialties of the sea, waiting for the afternoon sun to calm down, we started to make a trip around the island with spiritual points such as Nam Hai's mausoleum, Binh Hung pagoda ... These places still retain their identities. the unique culture of the island's inhabitants, deeply expressing their beliefs and faith in the gods who gave them smooth sailing. Listen where, every 2 years, people hold a festival of worshiping mausoleums and offerings.

Conquering the small road straight to Hon Bu mountain, we are present at the ancient Honut lighthouse. The station head said that the lighthouse was over 100 years old and had a role to regulate and divert ships to and fro Cam Ranh Bay area. From the lighthouse, zooming in, I caught sight of the bustling images of cargo ships on the port of Cam Ranh. In the East is a small, lovely fishing boat in the middle of the ocean.

When the sunset began to blush on the surface of the sea, we returned to the peaceful village road. The whole island now glows in all the lights. The bustling sounds of fishing boats or the sound of children playing, men and women dating on the harbor ... makes the distant guests feel bustling. Sometimes quiet, sometimes noisy, but the feeling of lightness in the pristine fishing village remains forever in our minds - the people of the city are finding the silence in the middle of the hustle of life. Whether it's the sunrise mixed in the waves, the majestic mountains or the innocent smile that doesn't smell the "tourism" of the locals ... it's all in my heart, the silhouette of a Binh Hung is wild and close.

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