Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Northeast travel tips

For photographers, the remote Northeast is a paradise photographed by Vietnam's most spectacular natural scenery.

For visitors, that's where they unleash admire the beauty of their homeland. Even in this summer, plan to conquer the windy highland with these great suggestions below!
Flying on top of the Fatherland
Standing on the top of Ma Pi Leng - the king of the passes in the North and taking a picture of his arms open to the sun - the wind - the clouds, that feeling is as wonderful as flying in the air. Under the deep valley, the line of green grape cinnamon is like a thread squeezed in the middle of a beautiful rock like a water painting. Do not forget to visit Lung Cu flagpole - the beloved North pole of the country, watch the 54 m2 flag waving in the wind and listen to the love of the homeland rising in your heart.

Going to the sky gate "hunting" clouds
Right from the gateway to Ha Giang, "mountain hamlet embracing clouds, mountain hamlet cloud" was found all over the roads, the peak of the mountain was soaring. Sometimes the clouds were high in the sky, like a warm towel for a mountain of cold cat ears, while playing around the mountainside with the travelers. “One step to touch the blue sky” - perhaps the most perfect expression when arriving at Quan Ba ​​sky gate - a place where you can capture the panoramic view of Sa Phin valley and the poetic Tam Son town, sometimes blurred at times in the magical cloud. In the distance, Doi Mountain was filled with vitality as the youthful beauty of the girl made everyone surprised.

See the "bow" green
When summer comes, the rocky plateau covered in blue is full of the vitality of rice, the daughter is on a terraced field. The blue herd lulls with cool breeze, the eyes of young rice and floating clouds of white clouds. Because of that beauty, so despite the way back, upland lovers still come here to record the best frames.

Touch Ban Gioc waterfall
Ban Gioc Waterfall (Cao Bang) - a sacred destination in the heart of Vietnamese people. Huge columns of water poured down from above, radiating immense mist that covered the entire mountainous region. There, you can clearly feel national pride at this moment, when you gaze at the giant white silk, ears listen to the waterfall and your hands touch the cool water.

Surfing on the water of Ba Be
Ba Be Lake (Bac Kan) shimmering like a jade in the middle of a high mountain is the next destination in the schedule. Time seemed to stop as the boat took us down the calm surface of the lake. The beauty of clouds, waves, mountains makes visitors forget all the worries. Somewhere, the young Tay in an indigo coat dropped the singing on the lake, which made someone bewildered.

Go to the fair to find people in your dream
If you want to learn about upland culture, do not miss the fair meeting on Sunday morning every week of ethnic people. You will immerse in the vibrant atmosphere of the traditional market, buy some specialties: corn wine, brocade, mountain products ... Especially, Khau Vai love market in Ha Giang is unique where you should come once. This fair is for people who love each other but can't come together to have the opportunity to date, confide. The market meets on the 27th of the lunar calendar every year.

Cultural exchange with ethnic groups
As a place of residence of the Tay, Nung, Lo Lo and H'Mong ethnic groups ... the Northeast region holds many unique customs with musical instruments, costumes, singing, etc. easily exchange and chat with them. Please respect the customs, bring candy, books, school supplies for children in the village.

Experience unique cuisine
Warm corn wine, kitchen buffalo meat, shan tea, cat vegetables, bamboo shoots, porridge or victory soup are the first dishes to try. In particular, Chicken Cats - black chicken breeds only on the rocky certain certain must eat. Fat chicken, whether boiled, roasted or ginger soup is very delicious. In the evening, to dispel the cold, eat hot tea, grilled corn, grilled sugarcane ...

There are foreign tourists after many trips to explore the mountains of Asia, again mesmerized by the breathtaking hunways and the innocent beauty of the mountainous region ... Someone has worn the heel of travel. world, one day set foot on the northeastern land suddenly realized: "nowhere beautiful as his homeland".

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