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Come on, let's go strawberry picking "U-pick"

Movements such as eat local, know your food, know how to come back to the nature, and the countryside make U Pick farm famous.

Since last month, the supermarket has been selling strawberries grown in California or Mexico, according to the label on the box. These boxes of strawberries contain big, dark red berries, which I find very craving to buy, but I don't feel good eating them. Partly because the straws were washed thoroughly, the bruises were slightly bruised, partly because the strawberries shipped from afar were stored in cold storage for many days, so the taste was not satisfactory.

Must eat strawberry "ripe tree" just picked in the field to enjoy its true taste. So, "U-pick", you go to the strawberry farm, pick it yourself and weigh it to pay. Today was sunny ... went to pick strawberries!

U-Pick Farm, a new rural area in Florida, USA invites visitors to the garden to choose for themselves fresh fruits, fresh green vegetable bushes without medicine or any kind fertilizers, any growth stimulant. Going to pick strawberries with friends is very fun, just like you, just picking and eating, choosing the right size just beautiful and ripe to pick. Just picking and playing, so much fun.

Now picking strawberries with her husband, the husband just goes to the right piece of straw that the farm man points to, and plucks all the ripe mulberry in that bed, regardless of whether the strawberry is scented or ripe, regardless of its size. or the fruit is small and dumb. One shot is full of a bucket, and then declared that was enough. He told me which straw beds I picked, the farm would let it "rest" until another batch of strawberries was ripe for others to pick up, if I picked up the rotten strawberries and spread the disease to the beds. 

I came to U Pick garden because I accidentally met an older sister when I was shopping in the mall. Looking at her groomed, high-heeled shoes, and lipstick, I got acquainted and asked her: “In the summer, there is a U-pick strawberry picking animal. June picking strawberries, July raspberries, August blueberries ... ”She said she worked as a pick-and-greet worker five or six days a week, and nowadays Sunday only goes to church and shopping. She told me that the strawberries on the G farm were sweeter than the strawberries on the side B. My husband told me that the place was a bit far, driving for about an hour, another hour of picking strawberries, plus the cost of gasoline and time. out, the price is several times higher than the price outside the supermarket. But he had a more plausible reason to drive his wife a few dozen kilometers to pick five kilos of strawberries, which was to support the local farmer. 

These small farms rely on visitors to pick and sell farm produce. Thanks to movements such as eating local (eat local), knowing the origin of their food (know your food), returning to nature, the countryside ... that farms near the city have more services to welcome visitors. Visiting, exploring and taking part in farm work. 

Remember, ten years ago, these services were still "country house": in the middle of the strawberry field, there was only a temporary bar to pay and a temporary toilet. Gradually, people expanded the bar counter, built more solidly, sold more agricultural products. Many people just want to go to strawberry picking, then ready to see melon to buy melon, see corn stab craving corn, see pots hanging colorful flowers like the eyes too buy always. Child visitors make up a large proportion of current visitors, as they are absent in the summer. If there are children, there must be room for them to play.

Many families see it as a picnic, getting ready for meat, visiting the farm to pick more fresh fruits and vegetables, and then going to find parks, camping places. Why not "play" always on the farm? So, the farmer "planned" the property: where the guests parked, the strawberry garden had to be nearby to get out of the car so they could step into the garden to pick. The place where the children play and the family eats the picnic a bit far away, with beautiful views, such as river banks, lakes, big trees, pre-set outdoor grills.

Then, due to the needs of the guests or the initiative of the owner, the farm sells chicken eggs, chicken, pork, ready-made beef, ground meat ... including butter, home-made cheese, cakes made by the farm owner. freshly baked (to eat with freshly picked strawberries is delicious!) So on a nice weekend, the couple just got in the car to drive a rickshaw to the farm, then go to the garden to pick fruits or vegetables or go to the counter buy ready-to-eat, fresh or processed, everything (including spices), then serve on the spot, in a country setting.

In the afternoon, the car runs on the "village roads" through the fields where the green rows of mulberry trees are straight, the vast meadow with black herds (Black Angus specialty) wandering back and forth, the wilderness. vu with barn standing idly by no cattle, roadside plug plaque to sell land. I said I have money to buy this land to grow mulberry and goats. The husband calmly drove the car: it's not easy, bro!

Northeast travel tips

For photographers, the remote Northeast is a paradise photographed by Vietnam's most spectacular natural scenery.

For visitors, that's where they unleash admire the beauty of their homeland. Even in this summer, plan to conquer the windy highland with these great suggestions below!
Flying on top of the Fatherland
Standing on the top of Ma Pi Leng - the king of the passes in the North and taking a picture of his arms open to the sun - the wind - the clouds, that feeling is as wonderful as flying in the air. Under the deep valley, the line of green grape cinnamon is like a thread squeezed in the middle of a beautiful rock like a water painting. Do not forget to visit Lung Cu flagpole - the beloved North pole of the country, watch the 54 m2 flag waving in the wind and listen to the love of the homeland rising in your heart.

Going to the sky gate "hunting" clouds
Right from the gateway to Ha Giang, "mountain hamlet embracing clouds, mountain hamlet cloud" was found all over the roads, the peak of the mountain was soaring. Sometimes the clouds were high in the sky, like a warm towel for a mountain of cold cat ears, while playing around the mountainside with the travelers. “One step to touch the blue sky” - perhaps the most perfect expression when arriving at Quan Ba ​​sky gate - a place where you can capture the panoramic view of Sa Phin valley and the poetic Tam Son town, sometimes blurred at times in the magical cloud. In the distance, Doi Mountain was filled with vitality as the youthful beauty of the girl made everyone surprised.

See the "bow" green
When summer comes, the rocky plateau covered in blue is full of the vitality of rice, the daughter is on a terraced field. The blue herd lulls with cool breeze, the eyes of young rice and floating clouds of white clouds. Because of that beauty, so despite the way back, upland lovers still come here to record the best frames.

Touch Ban Gioc waterfall
Ban Gioc Waterfall (Cao Bang) - a sacred destination in the heart of Vietnamese people. Huge columns of water poured down from above, radiating immense mist that covered the entire mountainous region. There, you can clearly feel national pride at this moment, when you gaze at the giant white silk, ears listen to the waterfall and your hands touch the cool water.

Surfing on the water of Ba Be
Ba Be Lake (Bac Kan) shimmering like a jade in the middle of a high mountain is the next destination in the schedule. Time seemed to stop as the boat took us down the calm surface of the lake. The beauty of clouds, waves, mountains makes visitors forget all the worries. Somewhere, the young Tay in an indigo coat dropped the singing on the lake, which made someone bewildered.

Go to the fair to find people in your dream
If you want to learn about upland culture, do not miss the fair meeting on Sunday morning every week of ethnic people. You will immerse in the vibrant atmosphere of the traditional market, buy some specialties: corn wine, brocade, mountain products ... Especially, Khau Vai love market in Ha Giang is unique where you should come once. This fair is for people who love each other but can't come together to have the opportunity to date, confide. The market meets on the 27th of the lunar calendar every year.

Cultural exchange with ethnic groups
As a place of residence of the Tay, Nung, Lo Lo and H'Mong ethnic groups ... the Northeast region holds many unique customs with musical instruments, costumes, singing, etc. easily exchange and chat with them. Please respect the customs, bring candy, books, school supplies for children in the village.

Experience unique cuisine
Warm corn wine, kitchen buffalo meat, shan tea, cat vegetables, bamboo shoots, porridge or victory soup are the first dishes to try. In particular, Chicken Cats - black chicken breeds only on the rocky certain certain must eat. Fat chicken, whether boiled, roasted or ginger soup is very delicious. In the evening, to dispel the cold, eat hot tea, grilled corn, grilled sugarcane ...

There are foreign tourists after many trips to explore the mountains of Asia, again mesmerized by the breathtaking hunways and the innocent beauty of the mountainous region ... Someone has worn the heel of travel. world, one day set foot on the northeastern land suddenly realized: "nowhere beautiful as his homeland".

Green Peafowl Binh Hung

Binh Hung makes the traveling hearts melt at first sight towards the pure white sand, the emerald waters shining with the sunlight. There, the sky and the sea of ​​travelers made their souls soar, soaring amidst the amazingly clear nature.

Phu Quoc - Peace Island

As the largest island district in Vietnam, with an area equivalent to Singapore, Phu Quoc possesses a wild beauty that is as brilliant as a virgin virgin girl, hiding springiness in blue hair.

Singapore - Things not to be missed

Singapore is the smallest but cleanest in the world, no stranger to many people. Besides famous destinations such as Sentosa entertainment complex, Esplanade theater or Singapore Flyer giant ferris ...

1. Relax in the botanical garden
If you need a quiet and peaceful place, the Singapore Botanic Gardens will be the ideal place. With an area of ​​nearly 74 hectares, the botanical garden is the place to research and conserve more than 30,000 plant species voted by the TripAdvisor magazine as the most beautiful park in Asia. It also owns the world's largest orchid garden with over 1,000 orchid species and 2,000 hybrid orchids.

2. Visit Chinatown
Nestled within the skyscrapers are the beautiful ancient Chinese houses called Chinatown. Coming to Chinatown, you will see the bright red lanterns hanging along the streets, admire the unique architecture or buy souvenirs. If you are a food lover, Kreta Ayer with food street, night market ... is the ideal place for you.

3. Visiting Little India
Stray into Indian territory, you will feel the passionate aroma of flowers, food and aromas. Noisy music and colorful buildings are also unique features that make it easy for visitors to receive. to Little India. At this point, you should not ignore temples and shrines before exploring Mustafa shopping mecca - where you can find everything from perfumes to Peranakan jewelry.

4. Explore the Arab crossroads
If you are tired of modern shopping centers in Singapore, visit the pretty little shops in Haji Lane decorated in Middle Eastern style located at the Arab Quarter. Visitors come here to enjoy unique cuisine, or smoking shisha while watching the sunset on the Sultan Mosque.

5. Night Safari
Singapore is the first place in the world to own a night zoo, awarded the Best Visitor Attraction Exprerience by the Singapore Tourism Board. The zoo has more than 1,000 wildlife of 115 species that graze and hunt in the natural environment. Here, when night falls, you can see the rhino, giraffes glide calmly or hear the howls of hyenas in the stillness of the night.

6. Go to Marina Bay Sands
Located on the banks of the Singapore River, Marina Bay Sands is one of the famous works of three large towers connected by a giant boat. Above the boat is the highest outdoor swimming pool in the world. This is also a busy shopping center with many famous casinos.

7. Admire the super tree
At first glance, you may think you're watching some science fiction movie, but 18 super trees with a height of 25-50m are a unique product entirely created by human hands, contributing to make the commercial center of lion island nation alive. The best time to see the super tree of the day is the evening.

8. Sip drinks along the river
Stretching from Marina Bay to Robertson Quay, the shops on the Singapore River are the ideal destination at night. Everyone can join the party, enjoy delicious drinks as well as watch the city shimmering with lights at night. You can also sail down the river to enjoy the fresh air, airy, fresh at night.

9. Enjoy traditional Singaporean cuisine
Culinary Singapore is a blend of many culinary features in the world. Whether it is a high-class restaurant or a street food stall, the menu is still rich and colorful. It can be Malay food prepared in the style of Islam, Thai food or Chinese food will surely make you satisfied.

Pyongyang - You may not know it

North Korea is often considered a "blind spot" of the world. Many visitors are curious to find out the true life inside this "impenetrable" fortress. However, self-sufficient travel to North Korea is impossible, and you only have to rely on the help of travel agencies.

1. People like to sing and drink beer
Most North Koreans have the ability to sing. If you politely ask, people may sing it to you immediately. Pop music is very popular here. The most popular group is The Beatles with songs like "Hey Jude" or "Yellow Submarine" ... Celine Dion or Carpenters music is also very popular. Most bars have karaoke for guests. North Koreans love beer and they have a very developed beer culture. Taedonggang beer is the most famous local beer.

2. Guests can bring mobile
Locals' mobile phones can function with all the functions of a phone, except for using the internet. Visitors no longer have to leave their mobile phones behind. From January 2013, you can bring a phone that buys a local SIM card from the airport. This SIM card allows you to make and receive international calls or to other travelers while in Pyongyang. You cannot call locals because they use another network.

3. The subway system is very deep underground
The subway station in Pyongyang is said to be the deepest in the world. It is 100 meters above the ground and it takes a few minutes to take the elevator from the ground to the station. The distance is quite long, so that some passengers have to sit while taking the elevator even though it is warned by signs not recommended.

There is no advertisement on the way to the station, the wall is completely white. (There are only five billboards in Pyongyang, all purchased by the same car dealership.)
The metro system has two lanes and 17 stations. Inspired by the Moscow train station in Russia, many stations are decorated with orchids and frescoes.

4. The tallest non-human building in the world
The Ryugyong Hotel is a symbol of Pyongyang, but unfortunately it was abandoned. The building represents a decade of loose and impractical management. Built in 1987 to prepare for a festival, the building was quickly forgotten because of many construction errors and funding problems.

Construction was started again in 2008 when an Egyptian media company named Orasom. The company paid VND 180 million to complete the building's surface glass. Although there are many rumors in the tourism world that the building will officially operate in the summer of 2013, it seems that Ryugyong hotel 330 meters high of Pyongyang will still hold the record of the tallest whole house in the world. , at least for a while longer.

5. "Fever" with Kimchi dish
Kimchi is a traditional Korean food, and it is said that every woman makes a different kimchi. This dish takes a long time to make. According to the traditional formula, women have to mix chili powder into cabbage for hours. Simon Cockerell, an expert in travel services in North Korea, said: "There is an old saying that a man must taste a girl's kimchi before he wants to marry her."

6. Button fasteners and high heels
Every North Koreaner wears a button called a "Kim button" on his right chest. The button has an image of leader Kim Il Sung or Kim Jong Il - or both. Surprisingly, everyone carries them, from children to the elderly. These buttons are not sold but are distributed on holidays or anniversaries for free. In each distribution, "buttons Kim" will have many different designs.

It is said that North Koreans will be punished for giving "Kim buttons" to foreigners, but that's just a rumor. In fact, sometimes they still give them to visitors. In addition, North Korean women love high heels and always wear them regardless of day or night, when working, going to the market or even in the army. Many even see women wearing high heels working at a construction site.

7. Arirang Festival
Ariang is an arts and sports festival held at the Rungnado May Day Stadium in Pyongyang. The festival begins in early August and ends on September 10. During the opening of the event, 30,000 well-trained children will hold up different colored panels to create colorful signs. Stunning painting on stadium background. Besides, there are complex and very skillful dances performed by 10 thousand dancers and gymnastics athletes.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Spanish vitality

Madrid is a city with an ideal atmosphere for work and a rich cultural life, wherever you visit you can hear the guitar with flamenco charm and heart. pounding the pounding heel.

The capital of Madrid, the pride of Spain, was chosen as the capital by King Philip II in 1561 simply because it was located in the middle of the country. At the heart of the nation, Madrid is more vibrant and youthful than the quiet appearance. People often call Madrid one of the funniest and noisy cities in the world. And the Madrid are friends everywhere called "cats" - cats love to play the night, until the new morning to be curious to go home.

Referring to the city of Madrid, the first and simplest thing people often think of is football - with the illustrious royal team Real Madrid. In Spain, from October to May every year is the time of the National Football Championship and May is also the bullfighting season. If you're lucky, you can also earn yourself a ticket to the Bernabeu Stadium to admire the best players of the Royal Real Madrid team playing ...  

Madrid people like sports, especially football - football is the king. Across Spain, there are football fields and teams everywhere. In particular, their Royal Spanish team is the best. The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium with nearly 100,000 seats is always packed every time the team "White Vultures" play their pet. The Bernabeu is modern, civilized, beautiful, and majestic as a synagogue. Tickets to visit the Bernabeu Stadium cost 10 Euro, in return you can live the full history of the more than 100 years of the Spanish Spanish football team.

The Spanish capital Madrid is also famous for its beautiful 17th-century classical works such as Europe's largest royal palace, 15th-century Sun Gate and the Prado National Museum of Art. The large Spanish square is located in the middle of the city center where the memorial writer and poet Miguel De Cervantes is famous for Don Quixote. 

A part of Madrid's life is centered around squares and parks. In the heart of Madrid, the green Retiro park with tree-lined streets, monuments, fountains, art galleries, vast artificial lakes, rose gardens, tea shops, restaurants ... here one can relax, read books and lovers whisper together. Adults walk, children play sports, cycling. They all admire the poetic and romantic atmosphere.

Spain is famous in the world for its hot, seductive Flamenco dance. Visitors to Spain can enjoy this dance anywhere in this country. From the luxurious restaurants, to the dancers on the street can immerse themselves in this signature dance. In the loud guitar, beautiful Spanish girls dedicate to guests the dances that are very warm and fiery.
Party the flickering fire, admire the Flamenco dance and enjoy typical Spanish dishes. The food is quite delicious, very spicy. Guests can sip a little bit of Sangria (typical Spanish wine with very high alcohol content, soak fresh fruits such as strawberry, orange, peach, apricot ...) or Pacharan wine made from prickly plums.

The beauty of Madrid is not equal to the number, the unique feature of Madrid lies right in the sidewalks of the streets. To explore Madrid, you can walk around the city like the locals do, you will find a Marid for yourself.